Local Election Results 2024 for Eastleigh Borough Council

We will publish the results of the Eastleigh Borough Council local election here. Results are due by the 3rd of May.

If you are unsure which ward you are in, use the postcode search to find your ward and results.


Elected TIDRIDGE, Gin (Independent)



Elected KINLOCH David Geoffrey Ian (LIB DEM)


Bursledon and Hound North

Elected HOLES Steve (LIB DEM)


Chandlers Ford



Eastleigh Central



Eastleigh North



Eastleigh South

Elected BOURNE Alex George (LIB DEM)


Fair Oak and Horton Heath

Elected BROOMFIELD Steve (CON)


Hamble and Netley

Elected CROSS Malcolm (LIB DEM)


Hedge End North



Hedge End South




Elected ATTRILL Karl Joseph (LIB DEM)


Eastleigh Borough Election Turnout

Voter turnout was even lower than last year. Eastleigh Borough Council Election turnouts below as a % of the registered voters. Turnouts above 42.5% of the voters are highlighted in green in the following table.


Voter Turnout Chart

Turning the above chart into a graph, we can see the voter turnout over the past few years per ward appears in continual decline


Eastleigh Borough Council Makeup

Following the election there is no change on last year, with few people on the council to challenge and scrutinise decisions.


Eastleigh Borough Council Control through the years

This graph displays the political control of Eastleigh Borough Council through the years


Data Sources

  1. Eastleigh Borough Council Website

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