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Eastleigh Borough Election Results 2022


Elected Louise Parker Jones (Independent)


Elected Rupert Kyrle (Lib Dem)

Bursledon and Hound north

Elected Tonia Craig (Lib Dem)

Chandlers ford

Elected Alan Frederick (Lib Dem)

Eastleigh central

Elected Cameron Spencer (Lib Dem)

eastleigh north

Elected Stephen Beer (Lib Dem)

eastleigh south

Elected Paul Bicknell (Lib Dem)

Fair oak and Horton Heath

Elected Nick Couldrey (Lib Dem)

hamble and netley

Elected Liz Jarvis (Lib Dem)

Hedge end North

Elected John Hadaway (Lib Dem)

Hedge end South

Elected Jane Welsh (Lib Dem)


Elected Nancy Attrill (Lib Dem)

West end North

Elected Bruce Tennent (Lib Dem)

West end South

Elected Janice Asman (Lib Dem)

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was extremely low. Eastleigh Borough Council Election turnouts below as a % of the registered voters.

Turnouts above 42.5% of the voters are highlighted in green in the following table.

Turning the above chart into a graph, we can see the voter turnout over the past few years per ward.

Eastleigh BoROUGH COUNCIL makeup

Following the election, the independents and conservatives lost 1 seat each, with fewer people on the council to challenge and scrutinise decisions.


This graph displays the control of Eastleigh Borough Council since 1976. Eastleigh Lib Dems have held majority control of the council for over 25 years.

Eastleigh borough’s political representation


Eastleigh Borough Council Election Results

Hampshire County Council Election Results

DISCLAIMER: “Not voted” is estimated based on electorate size from last years elections as the numbers haven’t yet been announced.

Notable Replies

  1. Really happy with our campaign in Eastleigh Central. I have no doubt that the last minute fake news leaflet had its desired impact in central.

    Going to spend the next year working really hard as the new Parish Councillor and I hope that we can get that black line turning red in the near future!

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