Eastleigh Central Borough Councillor Hustings, May 2023

A hustings for the position of Eastleigh Central Borough Councillor was held on April 10, 2023.

We asked candidates 5 questions and here they had the opportunity to answer you.

Eastleigh Central Borough Councillor Election Candidates

We invited all candidates to participate and answer your questions, and this is how they responded.

Video Questions

  • Who are you, and why are you standing in this election?
  • What plans do you have for revitalising the town centre?
  • What level of service can residents expect from you if you are successful in the election?
  • How concerned are you about the repeated fuel leaks into Monks Brook?
  • One last call - anything you'd like to say?

Closing Statements from Candidates

Following publication of the video we permit participating candidates the opportunity to write a closing statement after considering what other candidates have said.

Josh Constable candidate for Eastleigh Central local election 2023

Eastleigh Central Candidate, Josh Constable writes...

Well, the fact that the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives haven't taken part didn't surprise me. Their similarities doesn't stop there. The Coalition government is responsible for most of the issues we now face as a country : They ended the green energy policies of the last labour government, cut NHS funding to the bone and cut policing numbers. We can never forget how similar these parties fundamentally are.

As I said in the video, I and both the Labour party and Co-operative party are different. We have real plan. One with a record of delivery that we want to impliment. In the short term however, its so important that we get effective opposition onto Eastleigh Borough Council, to hold the administration to account, to point out new and better ways of doing things and most importantly to give residents real representation, not just give the Lib-Dem leadership another vote.

The green candidate is a paper candidate. They aren't running a leaflet campaign, he isn't running a doorstep campaign and he has no record of delivery for our Town. I have been campaigning in Eastleigh for 6 years now. I am on the doorstep throughout the year, but most importantly, I have a record of delivery.

I've shown the kind of councillor I will be on Eastleigh Borough Council, during this past year on Eastleigh Town Council. As a Town Councillor I have:

·         Proposed an alternative budget, that would have saved you approximately 30% on your Town Council tax bill.  (All Liberal Democrats voted against this!)

·         Voted to support community groups through grants.

·         Pushed for greater openness of Council Meetings, including recording meetings.

·         Voted to keep costs to resident’s low.

·         Voted to put council contracts to open tender, giving local businesses the chance to apply (All Liberal Democrats voted against this).

·         Helped residents with road and pavement issues.

You have been let down year after year by Yellow-Blue punch and judy show between the Lib Dems and Tories. I will be different. I will deliver. But to do that I need your support, that starts by you lending me your vote on May 4th!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me on facebook: @JoshConstableLAB or via email [email protected]

If you want real change. Vote for me. Think Local. Vote Labour and Co-operative.

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