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Eastleigh Hustings Video

Eastleigh North Hustings

    Eastleigh North video has been released! Many thanks to Lisa, Kathy, and Jason for trying something completely new! Candidates Lisa Crosher (Conservative) – Confirmed. Kathy O’Neill (Labour) – Confirmed. Jason Reeves (Green) – Confirmed. Stephen Beer (Lib Dem) – Unable to attend. Candidate questions Hello, Who… Read More »Eastleigh North Hustings

    West End South Hustings

      A West End South hustings video has been released! Many thanks to Jerry, Steve, and Tracy for trying something completely new! West End South Candidates Jerry Hall (Conservative) – Confirmed. Steve Willoughby (Labour) – Confirmed. Tracy Weeks (Green) – Confirmed. Janice Asman (Lib Dem)… Read More »West End South Hustings

      Eastleigh Central Hustings

        Eastleigh Central Video now available with 5 of 6 candidates having taken part.  Thanks to all the forward thinking candidates all up for change by trialing something new. 🙂   Eastleigh central CANDIDATES Josh Constable (Labour and Cooperative), @Josh_Constable Confirmed Tina Campbell (Independent), @IndyCentral1 – Confirmed… Read More »Eastleigh Central Hustings

        What are we voting for?

          Are you confused what local elections are and what we are voting for in Eastleigh? It can be complicated however here is a short 2 minute video explainer which attempts to explain it.