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candidate Guidance


  1. Anyone can pose questions by contacting us. We’ll also post the opportunity in a local facebook group.
  2. The final question list for a hustings will be posted on along with an opportunity for candidates and the public to review, or improve upon.
  3. Once the dates and questions are decided, agreed, and locked, candidates will have 7 days notice to provide a video answer at their leisure.
  4. Candidate response time matters and question reply order is based on full response order. (Candidate reply 2 can request to be displayed last in the final video).
  5. I’ll splice the questions and your video responses together and release on here, facebook, and youtube.


  • Maximum 30 second responses per question with an option to boost to 60 seconds on just three answers. Breaking these rules may result in your video being trimmed without notice.
  • Candidates are allowed to ask one anonymous question to all other candidates. This will be used as a fallback if question submission from the public is low.
  • Candidates must represent themselves.
  • Candidates who choose not take part will be highlighted to ensure they are fairly represented.
  • These rules may rapidly adapt and change depending upon circumstance.

candidate video Guidance

Having done this before, we’ve learned providing better guidance is a good idea. :slight_smile:

  • How you do your video is entirely up to you. To ensure fairness, we’d like to avoid editing as much as possible so please stick to the rules on timing and provide your videos in a final position.
  • Record in landscape, not portrait.
  • Use good lighting, it really helps the quality of the video.
  • Try to position yourself centrally on the video and remain still. Watching a moving phone can be hard for viewers to watch.
  • Provide each answer as separate video clips, ideally numbered and in sequence.
  • Do not repeat the question in your response. Focus on the response as though it was just asked to you.
  • Clip the parts of the video where you’re reaching for your stop button.
  • Only upload your responses once you have answered all questions.