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West End South Hustings

A West End South hustings video has been released! Many thanks to Jerry, Steve, and Tracy for trying something completely new!

West End South Candidates

candidate questions

  1. Hello, Who are you?
  2. What’s your favourite place in the Borough?
  3. Why are you standing in this Election?
  4. How long have you lived in West End, and what is your view on local councillors not living in the town, or county, that they represent?
  5. If money, resources and planning were no object what one thing would you build or create for the people of West End?
  6. Given the housing situation nationally, what is your view (support/oppose) of the Ageas Bowl Housing Plans?
  7. If your prospective constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to something the council or your party proposed, would you: A. Try to convince them it was a good idea. B. Support them. C. Something else, explain.
  8. As there is a climate emergency, where should we build more houses? What mix of social/affordable/open market would you propose?
  9. HEWEB LAC has identified Telegraph Woods must be enhanced for ecological and recreational purposes. How would you suggest doing so?
  10. If you don’t get elected, what’s the biggest thing residents will miss out on?
  11. One last call – anything you’d like to say?

Notable Replies

  1. @Tracy_Weeks and Jerry are committed and I expect their videos soon.

    No response from Janice and I contacted her a week ago at her borough council email address (she’s a currently standing borough councillor). I struggle to find any other contact email addresses.

    Steve Willougby has said interested, but not committed.

    I’ve not received any videos from any candidates yet, but the sooner the better as we can get on and prepare/release the video. :slight_smile:

  2. Contact Update:

    • @Tracy_Weeks (Green) is expecting to provide video responses today.
    • Jerry Hall (Conservative) is hopefully providing videos today (updated via @LisaCrosher).
    • Steve Willoughby (Labour) hasn’t yet committed, @DazzaRPD has been chasing.
    • Janice Asman is yet to respond at all. (Tried via her email address for 2 weeks since the 13th Apr), does not seem active?
  3. videos for Steve Willoughby submitted

  4. Awesome Thanks! As you’re the 2nd to fully submit you get dibs on your position in the video! Do you want to go second or last? :slight_smile:

  5. Last please. Most videos are mp4 some are mov, hope that’s not a problem.

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