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Eastleigh North Hustings

Eastleigh North video has been released! Many thanks to Lisa, Kathy, and Jason for trying something completely new!


Candidate questions

  1. Hello, Who are you?
  2. What’s your favourite place in the Borough?
  3. Why are you standing in this Election?
  4. How long have you lived in Eastleigh, and what is your view on local councillors not living in the town, or county, that they represent?
  5. If money, resources and planning were no object what one thing would you build or create for the people of Eastleigh?
  6. How do you think you could help the housing without building more? Is there anything the current council are missing as it seems we are building more and yet still not enough why is that?
  7. If your prospective constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to something the council or your party proposed, would you: A. Try to convince them it was a good idea. B. Support them. C. Something else, explain.
  8. My son has had 4 sets of antibiotics for a tooth that needs to be extracted but he can’t get an appointment in a local dentist until Feb 2023. How are you going to tackle the dentist crisis long waiting lists and lack of trained dentists?
  9. As there is a climate emergency, where should we build more houses? What mix of social/affordable/open market would you propose?
  10. If you don’t get elected, what’s the biggest thing residents will miss out on?
  11. One last call – anything you’d like to say?

Notable Replies

  1. Notifications have been sent today giving heads up (I gave early warning to ones I could reach a week ago):

    • Lisa Crosher @LisaCrosher has sent video responses to all questions already!
    • Kathy O’Neill @mummo has been notified by facebook message and this tag. (Also informed @Josh_Constable as he’s had involvement already and may be able to help).
    • Stephen Beer - I’ve sent two facebook messages, unsure if he’s seen them and have no other contact details.
    • Jason Reeves - I’ve contacted @Tracy_Weeks to let her know.

    If anyone can help get in touch with other candidates to seek confirmation if they’d like to be involved, please do. I’ll also post in Eastleigh Borough Local Politics facebook group to try reach Stephen.

  2. Happy to be part of it, thanks for your hard work Adam.

  3. Yep, Kathy (Labour) has confirmed she’ll likely get the videos to me tomorrow, and Stephen Beer (Lib Dems) also confirmed he’d like to take part. That just leaves Jason Reeves (Green)'s outstanding on a response @Tracy_Weeks . :slight_smile:

    Even if it’s a decline, a response would be good as it would allow us to move forward and get on and release the video earlier.

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