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Eastleigh Central Hustings

Eastleigh Central Video now available with 5 of 6 candidates having taken part.  Thanks to all the forward thinking candidates all up for change by trialing something new. 🙂


Eastleigh central CANDIDATES


  1. Hello, Who are you?
  2. What’s your favourite place in the Borough?
  3. Why are you standing in this Election?
  4. How long have you lived in Eastleigh, and what is your view on local councillors not living in the town, or county, that they represent?
  5. If money, resources and planning were no object what one thing would you build or create for the people of Eastleigh?
  6. How do you think you could help the housing without building more? Is there anything the current council are missing as it seems we are building more and yet still not enough why is that?
  7. If your prospective constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to something the council or your party proposed, would you: A. Try to convince them it was a good idea. B. Support them. C. Something else, explain.
  8. My son has had 4 sets of antibiotics for a tooth that needs to be extracted but he can’t get an appointment in a local dentist until Feb 2023. How are you going to tackle the dentist crisis long waiting lists and lack of trained dentists?
  9. The play areas in central Eastleigh are very neglected. There is often broken glass and other hazardous rubbish found in the mornings in the parks. What will you do to ensure they are safe, fun and fit for purpose?
  10. As there is a climate emergency, where should we build more houses? What mix of social/affordable/open market would you propose?
  11. If you don’t get elected, what’s the biggest thing residents will miss out on?
  12. One last call – anything you’d like to say?

Notable Replies

  1. I’d like to recommend we opt for a general borough wide hustings with 1 rep from each party contesting the election. Otherwise there’s a lot of work for you Adam to create ones for individual seats and residents outside Eastleigh Central may become confused or feel left out should this not be replicated for other areas.

    Out of interest I think in central we have a rep from all the parties so we could literally just change the name and get on with it as is.

  2. I’m not in favour of a Borough-wide video with only one candidate representing each party. The issues in different wards are very distinct and residents should have the opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to their area. EBC operates 5 Local Area Committees and so a compromise could be a video per LAC. But I’m sure for example that both Lisa and Simon would want the opportunity to participate so that takes us back to a hustings per ward. The reality probably is that in some wards candidates aren’t interested in participating so hopefully it won’t be an overly onerous task.

  3. Borough wide hustings with 1 rep of each party I’m not a fan of for a few reasons. To name a few:

    1. It’s not very logical, and makes politics more confusing than it already is to an end voter.
    2. It doesn’t match the ballot paper, so confusing again and less likely of it ending up on the whocanivotefor website.
    3. Eastleigh is BIG. It becomes less local, and opens up to not being as interesting or useful to local people.
    4. It hides the fact many candidates aren’t actually active.
    5. Different candidates in different areas may actually have different ideas, so could come across as bias.

    My main hope / intention of doing this is to disprove the mantra “They’re all the same anyway”, so making the main parties the focal point kind of breaks that.

    I do accept that:

    a) Its a lot of work for me, but hey ho - I love to help make things better! I doubt even half of the wards will participate. We can cap it to the ones with the most interest this election and incrementally grow. It’d be brilliant to do more than 1. If anyone is interested in helping - please make yourself known! :slight_smile:

    b) Residents outside of Eastleigh Central may feel left out. If they do, I suggest this is actually great progress! They should ask their candidates next time to take part, and encourage us to grow this! It would be brilliant if we work towards increasing local election engagement!

  4. Hi Adam,

    Sorry for the late response but you can count me in too. The format you set out worked last time in Central, so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t again. I’m looking forward to some healthy debate!

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